Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Naughty or Nice

Well tomorrow is Valentines Day and it will be our first one since starting DD so it has me wondering what kind of day I would like: As we all know this is not my decision to make of which I am told reminded of often lately. I have thoughts about being a good little angel and trying to obtain a GG spanking, it just seems like I can't be that GOOD- I wear my halo so proudly is it my fault that the damn thing has a short in it? I look something like this
Ha who am I kidding

Ok so really it is malfunctioning and I look like this

Charge it, why yes please.

Vic and I seem to be in a very good place right now, are we perfect well of course not- maybe one day when and if the planets align and men come from Venus and women from Mars- I know I know I have that backwards but hey if I can be perfect than that can happen too.
Ok back to my original thought Naughty or Nice, I think my tush would like some action (not that action) this action-

Vic has been very soft on me where spanking is concerned

I know this is normal- I am not criticizing and he has stepped up it is a learning experience for both of us, I even received a "tune up" last week, he even woke me up to deliver it. I know impressive isn't he. So my naughty mind is wondering (a very scary thing) about all these implements out there that some of you have and they excite me and make me nervous. For example many of you talk about the dreaded and then there is the
and what about these thingshmmm is that like naughty or nice?

So maybe I need to show this to Vic and let him know that we may need to take it up a notch and that I am ready

If you are.



  1. how did that conversation go??

    1. Well Susie I can't say it was much of a conversation- more like an oh my followed by oohh, aahh, and a few moans, "Happy Valentine how is that tush feel"
      it was very warm "smile"

  2. Replies
    1. And what a good game it was- I scored "oh yes"

  3. LoL Cathie, glad it worked out well :)

    Happy Valentines Day!