Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Half Hour

Happy Half Hour

I would imagine most of you are sitting there thinking oh Cathie must be enjoying a nice glass of this
and maybe I will indulge myself with that after a nice long shower. I work full time and with my drive I am away from my humble home most daytime hours. I am a tad freakish (ok extremely) about my humble home, I like (ok really love) it to be clean and organized. So my Happy Half Hour after I get home looks more like thisNow I know many of you are thinking this gal has lost her marbles but truly I get a little (alot) nutty if the house isn't set a certain way.  Often times I probably go over the deep edge to get stuff done. It isn't a rule nor an expectation from Vic frankly I think most of the time the house could be in shambles and he wouldn't mind (although over time he has become accustom to our humble home being set a certain way) nor would he say anything- I guess I should add that this was how he was before ttwd and maybe in the future he will have something to say but I truly think before he said something I would be locked up in a mental institution because I would snap if it ever got that bad. If anything I think it drives Vic mad that I am usually running around looking something like thiswhen we are finally home together. So knowing this I started my Happy Half Hour rountine since he is not home when I get home and do all the cleaning I can within a half hour so when the moments come that we are together we can spend more time with each other. I just started this week and so far so good maybe one day Vic will come home and he will see which might just lead to alot of this

 Wish me luck.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan


    1. Thanks Willie I do hope it works maybe then I wont be so crazy when things don't get done cause my mind will know it will get done on my next happy half hour. Its a thought.

  2. That sounds like a perfect way to make time to connect with your partner, Cathie :) Perfect plan, good luck!

  3. Yes I agree June I am going to try and stick to it and see how it goes. I guess the answer will be if Vic notices that when we are home together I am not being a nut.

  4. What a good idea Cathie. You know, I always say that if you lost your nearest and dearest tomorrow - what would it matter if the house were less than tidy?

    Sometimes we get a little out of perspective and forget the really important things in life. We all do it. So I think you have made a wise choice here - more Vic time!!

    Hugs, Ami