Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Questions you say

I don't claim to be good at answers but ask any way
The last few days I have been reading about March being Q and A month. As you can see I don't promise to always give good answers but if you ask me one or two I will try my best to answer you. I am pretty sure at this stage I have more questions than answers but I am willing. 

My question for all of you that are brave enough to stop by my blog is:

Who do you think celebrity/royal/actor/actress etc. wise might be spanked in their life?

So many to choose from so little time


  1. You mean, who do I think should get spanked? Amanda Bynes at the moment... :)

  2. Hi Julia, thanks for stopping by. Now seeing her spanked would be interesting. Happy blogging

  3. Hey Cathie...Can't guess who is being spanked but can say that there are many of the Hollywood starlets and TV-lebrities that should be spanked...all the Kardashians to start with. LOL

    Here's my question for you...what is the hardest thing you have had to adjust to with TTWD?


  4. Following his lead even when I have a better one